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The AxiomHealth Difference

At AxiomHealth, our commitment to achieving excellence through clinical innovation sets us apart. We recognize the challenges currently plaguing the healthcare industry in managing Lymphedema and associated diseases. Conventional solutions often fall short of addressing the fundamental problems inherent in the disease process, constrained by financial cost and setting regulations. At AxiomHealth, we are revolutionizing the care paradigm for lymphatic diseases.

Prevalence and Impact of Lymphatic Diseases

Lymphedema is more widespread than many realize:
“Between 3 and 5 million people in the United States suffer from lymphedema, which in a significant number develops from cancer and its treatment.”

-Leslie Bagay MD, in Essentials of Physical Medicine and
Rehabilitation (Fourth Edition), 2020″

“Lymphedema may affect as many as 140 to 250 million people hroughout the world.”
– Arin K. Greene MD, MMSc, … Sumner A. Slavin MD, in Plastic Surgery Secrets Plus(Second Edition), 2010
These statistics underscore the urgent need for innovative, comprehensive solutions – solutions that AxiomHealth is uniquely equipped to provide.

Our Data-Driven Services

AxiomHealth is a pioneering, data-driven provider of comprehensive disease management services, delivering tailored, home-based care for patients with lymphedema, lymphatic disease, and lymphatic dysfunction. Our direct services include Lymphedema Therapy, Physical Therapy, Wound Care, Podiatry, and Vascular services, each designed to meet the unique needs of our patients.

Care Gap Management

At AxiomHealth, we understand that efficient care starts with a complete appraisal of each patient’s unique health status. To ensure this, we provide comprehensive assessments and screenings, encompassing:

These in-depth assessments provide us with crucial insights, enabling the creation of personalized care plans tailored to meet each patient’s specific needs and challenges.

Simultaneously, our unique care model allows us to close STAR gaps effectively. This approach empowers health plans to manage their members’ care more efficiently by enhancing visibility into members’ general health, medications, home environment, and more. As a result, we can significantly improve health outcomes and reduce hospital admissions. By integrating these processes, AxiomHealth stands as a beacon of comprehensive, innovative care in the landscape of lymphatic disease management. 

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